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At Totally Hempful, we value purity and transparency. That’s why we wanted to build a fully observable, interactive farm so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase any of our products. Each strain of our hemp has been carefully selected by our very own growers and scientists to ensure a perfect ratio of CBD (lots) to THC (almost none < 0.03%).  The plants are loved and nurtured completely organically from the seed all the way to the lab on our farm, where they are expertly turned into a light, silky CBD oil you can trust.  In fact, trust is so crucial to us, we have built viewing windows into our lab and our hydroponics grow room so that you can see each step along the way. We offer tours of our greenhouses and fields, and eventually hope to add classes to help educate the public about this beneficial marvel that is CBD.

Totally Hempful

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Totally Hempful Products are Vegan, GMO Free, Gluten Free, and Free of Sweeteners


What Our Clients Say​

"The fact that the company is fully transparent with their farm, growing, makes me feel more secure in the company in general. I love that you can see every step that it’s produced. It makes me feel like they absolutely know the potency of their products."
"I really like that there is constant postings of the farm, workers, and even the Kitty.... this shows a company that values its people and I can imagine that the morale is high there which makes me feel good about where my money goes.”
“The product is good for several reasons. Not only has the product helped me with pain and sleep issues, but I really like the customer service. This is huge for me!! Also, the way the product is grown and the process of it all."

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