Ben Johnson

Ben is our quiet thinker.  He keeps us all in line….. most of the time. As our beloved CEO, Ben is the oil that keeps the Totally Hempful machine running.  He oversees the day to day, but his favorite place on the farm is the lab. He has a beautiful wife and three kids who keep him entertained at his home near a Massachusetts beach. If you were to come across him at home, you would likely bump into him outside - walking ‘Bama, his 1 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or hanging out in his yard. At the farm, though, you’ll find him by looking through one of the viewing windows into our product lab.  Ben’s passion is production and operations oversight. He works closely with our scientists and keeps everyone connected.  If you happen to wave at him on a visit, rest assured it will be a very capable hand that waves back.

Jon Hailey

Jon is one of the “founding fathers” here at Totally Hempful.  He has been here from the beginning, and without his expertise our CBD products wouldn’t be the exceptional quality you expect from us. Jon has two bachelor's degrees- one in biology and one in education - but that’s not what makes him such an invaluable asset to the greenhouse.  He started making CBD originally for family members who had some health issues.  When Jon started “playing” with different mixtures, his loved ones noticed a major improvement.  He has perfected a superior blend of oils and plant compounds, and we’re so proud to call him part of the Totally Hempful family. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters, ages 12 and 15, and the family dogs, 6 and 2 year old toy schnauzers.  If you happen upon him in the greenhouse, he will likely be singing along happily to his country music and mumbling about how the smell in the watering can “isn’t me, it’s the tea.”  He can also be seen hard at work through the viewing window into our lab. If you see him around, give him a wave!