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"I was wary at the beginning, wondering if it would work at all. The product proved to be above my expectations."

"The fact that the company is fully transparent with their farm, growing, makes me feel more secure in the company in general. I love that you can see every step that it’s produced. It makes me feel like they absolutely know the potency of their products."

"Didn’t really think it would work but boy was I wrong."

"The customer service is incredible. The product is incredible. The transparency of the company and the education they provide is amazing!"

"I was skeptical at first but have seen the positive pain relieving results."

"I will be ordering more of what I have tried and I will also be ordering some balm as now am interested in that."

"Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this. I have tried several products and this one rates high for me and I will order from your company. This is huge for me because I tend to shop as much as I can locally for my product, and you are in another state, but the product and the way your company Is working make me want to order from you. Thank you again!"

"I believe the product is very pure and high quality, easy to use, company is very focused on customer satisfaction and company is very transparent."

"I was skeptical at first but the product really seems to help with the pain in my shoulder/bicep area."

"The quality of the product is great and if I were to purchase in the future it would be from Totally Hempful!"

"I really like that there is constant postings of the farm, workers, and even the Kitty.... this shows a company that values its people and I can imagine that the morale is high there which makes me feel good about where my money goes.”

“The product is good for several reasons. Not only has the product helped me with pain and sleep issues, but I really like the customer service. This is huge for me!! Also, the way the product is grown and the process of it all."

"I had never used CBD products before but am familiar with the multiple benefits. What drew me to it initially was speaking with others who use Totally Hempful oils and balms, and my trust in their opinions. I began using the balm with a focus on relieving lower back menstrual cramping. I noticed complete relief within about 15 minutes. I was able to apply every 2 hours or so and when I applied right before bedtime I was able to fall asleep, and stay asleep without pain waking me. Highly recommended for those in a similar situation."

~ Sara M.